Friday, January 30, 2015

New Years Resolution WIP Collection Demolition!

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So here I am, back for more unfinished object self shaming.  I really did not think that it was this bad when I got started, but I knew after I took all the pictures, made the list and reorganized everything that it really was that bad.  But it is all going to be OK.  I've set plans in motion and begun working on a bunch of these projects and one by one, they're getting completed or frogged.  It's actually a very cathartic process (which I'll share after I've gotten through sharing what all the projects are in the first place)  So without further adieu, let's jump right in to....

WIP #25

This was actually the very first prototype for the blanket that I made my oldest daughter.  She was jealous after I made the blanket for my younger daughter, so I told her I would make her a blanket too.  I got started and was working along on this great new pattern, when she started crying because she wanted it to be just like her sisters!  Not to be discouraged, because I knew that I was on to a great pattern here, I took her up to my yarn selection and let her pick out her own selection of colors and told her that it would be unique like her.  She was happy and I was happy she was going to let me do this great pattern for her.  So I tossed this one aside and started over in her colors. 
I still love the color combination in this blanket and would like to finish it.  I'm holding on to it for now, and will decide whether to frog or finish later. 

WIP #26

I made this wonderfully lush display blanket for my mother a couple of years ago, and she loves it - it matches her living room perfectly (yep, I did that on purpose).  When I was done with the blanket, I discovered that I had worked an extra motif.  Not one to throw anything out, it made it's way into my WIP bin.  It is currently sitting in my undecided box because I could join some of the random motifs I have and make something interesting, or I could also just frog it and throw the yarn in my scrap bin.

WIP #27

I think these were motifs for a shirt or something?  I really don't remember.  They're sitting in my undecided box.

WIP #28

Another unknown motif.  Wow.  Where do these come from?  They're like socks in reverse!

WIP #29

This square was a test.  It was just a test.  Yet, I cannot throw it out, or bear to frog it.  Maybe I can find something to use it for?  

Well that was kind of a weird UFO collection for today.  Mainly all these weird squares that I've collected over the years.  Should I do something with them or should I frog them?  What do you think?  Leave me a comment below!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Pattern Experience: December 7 Snowflake

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My Pattern Experience: December 7 Snowflake

I am gonna be completely honest here.  I don't really remember the actual making of this particular snowflake.  Which means it probably went well with no real issues.  I love the angles involved in it and I wish that I had blocked it a little bit better.  I do remember for blocking, since I knew these would be tree decorations and not used for tables or general use, I blocked them in this manner.  First I washed and soaked them in warm water, then pinned them to my blocking mat.  After they were dry, and while they were still pinned, I brushed them with a solution of white glue and glitter (for a little sparkle).  Then I let this dry and unpinned them, flipped them over and gave them the same glue and glitter treatment on the other side.   I have a dream of having my tree completely covered in these - all different kinds of snowflakes!  You can find the pattern here:  December 7 Snowflake

Have you worked this pattern?  Have you made snowflakes before?  Leave me a comment below!

Monday, January 26, 2015

New Year's Resolution WIP's Part 5

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Here we are again, continuing on with my WIP New Year's Resolution project and with each post that I make sharing my WIP's, I feel a little more embarrased as I know that I have WAAAAY too many unfinished projects!  But still I'm sharing, as a way to keep myself accountable and moving along in these projects.  As of writing this, I've already finished 2 projects that are in my WIP box, and can't wait to start sharing the finished projects with you!!!  Don't worry, those will come soon, sometime after I finish up with all of these posts!!  So lets jump right into it with....
WIP #20 
Now this project is actually a conglomeration of a bunch of different motifs that I found and have put together for a sort of sampler blanket.  My husband is a very tall man and I wanted to make a blanket just for him that would be big enough for his frame, to give him his own blanket to snuggle up with on cold days.  I love the way that the squares are coming along, however, I shelved it when I was working on other projects.  I'm hoping to finish it this year and give it to him for Christmas!!
Seen in this first picture are: Celtic Knot Square and Double Treble Burst
Pictured below: Sampler Afghan Square and Sunny Spread

Pictured below: Both from Sampler Afghan

Pictured Below: Both from Sampler Afghan

Pictured below: Sunny Spread and The Answer My Friend

Pictured Below:  Sunny Spread and Sampler Afghan

WIP #21
So this blanket was based off of the baby blocks crocheted afghan.  I started based off of some designs that I had sketched out for 3 dimensional eye popping designs.  I got this far and decided I just didn't like how it was coming out!  I went ahead and changed the design and did end up creating something gorgeous, which will be coming to my website soon!
This project will probably be frogged and its yarn repurposed. :)
WIP #22
This blanket is for a very special little boy I know.  This is just one square, and sadly it is the only square that I have complete right now.  I need to delve back into the patterns and get the squares finished so maybe I can gift it next christmas!

WIP #23
I love this blanket.  I just can't figure out how to finish it!!  The center is that huge floral block that I designed, and I just love how it came out!  The long panels are for the sides, but I do not know what sort of block to put in the corners of the blanket.  (the pink and white side was the first one I made and then I decided that the sides needed to be in multiple colors and not so pink.  I still plan on finishing it, but need to decide on those darn corner squares.

WIP #24
Now these are an interesting bunch.  I can't tell you what all of the patterns are, as many of them do not have any pattern.  These are all little bits and scraps that are eventually going to make up a really unique CAL that I plan on hosting, made up of lots and lots of flower squares.  I've already picked this up and put it down several times, so it probably won't be the first thing I work on!

So there you have it, my next installation of WIP's that I'm working on.  Do you have any WIPS that you're trying to knock out right now?  Have you made one of these projects?  Leave me a comment below!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Scouting Sunday: New Year's Resolutions, Aids for Organization

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This week, I'm focusing on another great New Year's Resolution that I know I have this year, and I'm sure many of you do too.  The goal of organization.  There are all sorts of great DIY organization tools and tips and I had a really hard time narrowing the choices down to list on today's Scouting Sunday.  I've settled for my favorites and I hope you enjoy them!!!



Mason Jars as Bathroom Wall Storage - Top 58 Most Creative Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects


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