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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Savings- Free Sesame Street Happy, Healthy and Ready for School

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Now that you've had your breakfast and your coffee... lets start thinking about school!  It's coming rapidly and before we know it, the kids will be off and learning.

This is my daughter's first year of Kindergarten.  As a mother, I hope she's prepared, excited, won't be afraid, will do well, will listen, won't cry, won't make me cry, and many other mixed emotions.  Well, as a parent, we all have responsibilities to our children to give them the best opportunity possible.

Thus one of my favorite Freebies today is from the PNC Grow Up Great program.  As you all know, I've talked about this program, and if you've had children that watch sesame street, you all know the program as well.  They have a very nice module for parents called Happy, Healthy, Ready for School and it has a video, activities, a workbook and a magazine for mom and dad.  There is also a Math Is Everywhere kit, which also has activities and a magazine.

These are great resources for a parent to make sure that their child is headed on the right track for school.  If you're a parent, you should definitely check it out today!

Sesame Street, Happy, Healthy, Ready for School Freebie!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Freebie! Free Custom Reusable Grocery Bag!

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Here's another great reusable Custom Freebie!  I haven't submitted for this one yet- it does charge you shipping.  But they do the custom printing for you and it's just $4.99 to ship it to you.  Use code FREEBAG when at checkout!

Free Custom Reusable Shopping Bag

Free Sandwich box

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I LOVE this idea!  I just sent away for mine today, with this picture:

And if you have more than one kiddo, it says to just send a message to them on their wall and they'll help you make another one! Cool!

Get your Free custom Sandwich Box today!!!

Freebie! Jiffy Mixes Recipe Book

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 I don't know about you, but I love trying new recipes...   So I just sent away for this free cookbook! And don't worry, if you're a privacy person, you can just download it directly off of their website!  :)

Free "JIFFY" Mix Recipe Book

Freebie! Free 3-D Glasses!

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 Wouldn't you like to see what this actually looks like?  If so, submit today for your free 3d glasses!  In an upcoming post I may even show you how to make your own 3d images  (provided that my glasses come!)

Click here for your free 3d Glasses!

Freebie! Milk Bone Trail Mix Dog Snacks

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 If you have animals, you know they can get expensive.  So get your freebie here while they last, for the Milk Bones Trail Mix.  I've never tried them for my dog, but we'll see if she likes them!  She's a rather picky eater, but I hope that she'll at least give them a shot.  :)

Free Sample of Milk-Bone Trail Mix Dog Snacks

Freebie! Propel Zero Sample!

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 I LOVE PROPEL.  It is by far my favorite flavored water- especially in the berry flavor.  There was an entire summer where I subsisted off of the stuff.  Amazing, I tell you.  So try it today :)

Try Your Propel Zero Sample Today!

Freebie! Garnier 2-in-1 Anti Wrinkle Serum Moisturizer

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Freebie! Beach Preschool Printables!

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Do you have a preschooler?  Do you sometimes not know what to do with them?  Well check out this!  This site is full of stuff for preschoolers and the particular article that I'm linking up to is Beach Printables, activities that you can do with your preschooler.

Check out the Beach Printables Today!

Freebie! WalMart Free Samples and Savings!

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I don't know about you, but I shop at Walmart quite a bit.  I usually make my stops there for diapers, stuff for around the house and on the occasional trip, I'll pick up some groceries that I can't normally find at my local Fareway.  This link is always updated with the Savings, like coupons that Walmart offers.  So next time you're headed to Walmart, check out this site to see if there's any deals for you today!

Click Here for your Walmart Savings!

Freebie!! Garnier 2-in-1 Shampoo!

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Here's an easy Freebie for you :)

Click the link, request your sample.  This is one of the fastest freebies I've ever received, it arrived about 2 weeks after I ordered it, and forgot about it :)

Request your Sample of Garnier Pure Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo today!

Freebie! Mrs. Dash 4 Pack Sample!

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In our house, we love to cook.  We also love to try new foods!  I got this freebie because I thought it might be fun to experiment with different seasonings and perhaps find something that we really like.  This is another easy Facebook freebie, just fill out your information and you'll get a confirmation.

Submit for your Mrs. Dash 4 Pack Freebie today!

Saturday Savings!

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Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome to The first edition of.... *drum roll please*

I search hard all week for freebies/coupons/games/crafts and the like to share with my readers here on my blog.  Sometimes I find it hard to stay caught up and have freebies that are sitting here just waiting for me to share them.  Thus, the birth of this segment of my blog!

Saturday Savings is going to be a full day of just freebie posts.  Savings will be posted throughout the day and then at the end of the day, there will be a Savings Summary, with all the freebies of the week listed in it, and that way, if you miss one, you can easily find it there! 

So get ready, get set, and get saving!  Here come some great deals!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Resource and Freebie! All about Birds!

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This is a great freebie for those that have kids, at home day-cares, or homeschooler's!  Submit your info to All About Birds and receive a free poster depicting different types of birds and the different nests they make!  It has illustrations with the nests so if you find a nest, you can find what types of nests they make!! 

I personally have a 5 year old who is very interested in birds, can name a variety of them and loves to look out the window at our bird feeder to see what varieties are visiting on a particular day.  So, I'm very excited to have this poster in my home as an educational tool!! 

Submit here for your free Nest Watch Poster!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Freebie! Free Shout Color Catcher Sample!

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 Here's a new freebie for you!

Shout Color catchers supposedly help keep your whites whiter and brighter and allow you to wash even the deepest reds with the whitest whites. I guess I'll try it out when my sample arrives!

Get your Shout Color Catcher Freebie Here

Monday, May 14, 2012

Freebie! TRESemme Split Remedy Sample

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Here's another free offer for a sample!  If you're like me and like to try new things, then you'll surely want to send away for this one!  For this freebie, you just have to watch a short video, and then enter in your information.   I submitted mine today, you should too!

Click Here for your TRESemme Split Remedy Sample

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Freebie!: Story Time for Me!

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Next time that your child is begging for a book to be read but you're in the middle of cooking dinner.... (yes this happens to me a lot), check out this website!  You can pick from around 30 different books and this website reads them to your child, turns the pages and will help keep them entertained while you're doing those necessary tasks. :)

Check out Story Time for Me Today!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Freebie! Summer Flower Bracelet!

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So this is one that I just found today and HAD to share with you, because if it's a true and valid offer, it's almost over.  It's an offer by a site that I haven't heard of, but seems pretty cool.  It's called Sneak Peeq.  It has good deals on a bunch of random items, and some of them are pretty neat!

I submitted mine and it was super easy, just follow the link, sign up through facebook (and remember it allows you to set privacy so only you can see it, so you don't have to spam other people's walls), and it will take you right to the page.  Click on Peeq at your price and you'll see a free bracelet!   All you have to do is submit your name and address and you're in business.  I got an email indicating that I should receive it in 2-3 weeks.

Also, it appears on the website that the way you get this might be just through a first free item offer.  I do not know if this free item offer is something that you just get for signing up and can get any item, or if it is only on this particular item.  If anyone tests this theory, please let me know!  I will let you all know if it comes or not and what I think!

Free Eternal Summer Flower Bracelet

Friday, May 11, 2012

Freebie! Finish Dishwashing Detergent Sample and Sweepstakes!

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A lot of the freebies, samples and etc. that I come up with for this blog are often brought to you by cleaning companies.  This is no exception!  I love getting samples of cleaning products, even if sometimes they're used as backup for when I run out of my product.  Sometimes I find they work better!  I had actually never heard of this brand before I submitted for this freebie, so I'm excited to see if it is a new product or something I'm going to have to search for if I end up liking it.  Sometimes that's the downfall of freebies. 

This one isn't just a freebie, but also a sweepstakes that you're automatically entered into at the same time!

Apply today for a free sample of Finish Dishwashing detergent and be entered to win a brand new dishwasher!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Freebie! Free Sample of Splenda!

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As I've previously mentioned, I love freebies.  I love finding them, I especially love getting them in the mail weeks after I filled out that form and have long since forgotten them.  Just that little bit of free brightens up my day.

Here's another freebie for you, this time brought to you by Splenda.  They've just released two new varieties and are giving out samples for them!

Get your Splenda Freebie here!