Looking back at fall...

The environment changes into a riot of color as the season changes from the warmth of summer to the cool crispness of fall. Fiery oranges, dazzling yellows, and deep reds now decorate trees that were once lush and green. As far as the eye can see, a tapestry of color is created by the leaves as they glisten in the sunlight. Each tree appears to be competing with its neighbors to provide on the most spectacular show of the outdoors' splendor.

The leaves start to weaken their hold on the branches as the days get shorter and the temperature drops, eventually dropping to the ground. The ground is covered in a thick layer of crunching, crackling leaves. A gentle and muted palette is created by the interplay of the leaf hues, which seems to perfectly capture the spirit of the season.

Fall has a certain quality that uplifts the spirit and serves as a reminder of life's beauty and fleeting nature. It is a period of change and transformation as the environment around us prepares for the upcoming long winter by shedding its old skin. It is a period of introspection, letting go, and discovering beauty in life's ephemeral moments.

The world around us becomes more tranquil and quiet as the leaves keep falling. Nature appears to hibernate in preparation of the approaching spring as the vivid hues of the fall gradually give way to the bleakness of winter. However, the beauty of fall is all about us right now, reminding us of the strength and wonder of nature as well as the never-ending cycle of life and death.

Bottle Cap Coasters {Craft Tutorial}

Do you want an easy craft for the men with bars in your life?  I have a super fun and easy one for you all!  

Bottle Cap Coasters

Now I made my coasters for an adult friend, so I used alcoholic beverage caps, but you could use any soda caps that you fancy!

You will just need a few supplies:
Cheap wooden coasters
A wall to surround your coasters (I used a piece of PVC pipe)
Grout (I used a light colored hard grout, but you can use any color)
Bottle caps

Read the instructions on your grout.  Make sure you know the volumes to mix and your set times.  Go ahead and mix some up.

I glued my bottle caps onto my cheap coasters so they wouldn't move around.

Then I placed the walled PVC around the coaster (it was the perfect size), and started spooning in the grout.

Once it was all filled, I used my finger to spread the grout evenly and clear off the tops.

I let that set to where it was firm but not fully set and took it out of the mold, then I used a damp towel to wipe off the excess grout from the top of the caps.

Once they fully dried, they had this awesome textured look and the caps were secure inside the grout.  I handed these out at Christmas time with a pack of Reinbeers and my guy friends loved it!

Padma Mudra and Sparking Creativity


Padma Mudra, or Lotus Mudra
A symbol of the ability to rise above challenges, spark creativity, lift you up to the light and rise above.

On this, the first day of the new year, it is a fitting representation of what I hope to accomplish in 2023.  I want to reignite my creativity and spark all sorts of joy in my life.  A few months ago, I experienced something, a sort of new muse, that inspired me to create in a way I never had before.   I started drawing again, but not in the same manner as I had 15 years ago when I last drew anything seriously.  It's been feverish and intense, interchanging pencil and pen and charcoal and testing my limits.  There's been some good, some bad, but all have been a cautious exploration into my mind.

This Mudra isn't finished: my mind has further goals and dreams for what it will be before its done.  Those are still blooming and growing, and will come over the next few weeks or months, but it ignited something in me for sure.  I'll bring you all through the journey with me, through each drawing and canvas that is growing in my mind as a full exploration into my soul.  Hopefully the end product will be as beautiful as the creative emotions swirling in my mind.