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Free! Sesame Street "My World is Green and Growing"

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So by now, you should have figured out that I love Sesame Street.  I think they're a great educational tool for children, and both of my kids have loved growing up with the whole cast of characters.  There's a reason that they've had so many seasons and are still going strong.  Well, today's Freebie is another great one from Sesame Street, entitled "My World is Green and Growing."

It is an 18 page booklet that you can print out and it contains activities, ideas, games, and much more for your children to do to get out and explore the world.  I thought this was especially timely as things are starting to turn green again (I just saw my chives peek out from the dirt two days ago, and my first seedling popped out of its pod as well!)

There is also a Nature Tip video that you can watch with your child to help get them excited.  I just printed my copy, and I think spring break is the perfect time to start some fun!

Visit Sesame Street's "My World is Green and Growing"

Must Do for all Parents! Sesame Street Free Learning Tools!

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Sesame Workshop, the creators of Sesame Street, have partnered up with PNC Grow Up Great to create the Sesame Street® “For Me, for You, for Later” kit. This free bilingual, multimedia kit includes a guide for parents, a Children’s Activity Book, some Jar Labels, and an original Sesame Street DVD that features Elmo, Cookie Monster, and their Sesame Street friends as Elmo learns the basics of spending, saving, and sharing.
The Sesame Street “For Me, for You, for Later” kits, including the Elmo DVD, are available for free at any PNC branch, or you can simply request one over the phone by calling 1-877-PNC-GROW (more details are on their website). Several parts of this free Sesame Street kit are also available to download for free directly from their website. You can even watch the original “For Me, for You, for Later” DVD for free right from their website!
If you’re a teacher, they also offer a free, downloadable Educator’s Guide to help you easily incorporate fun activities that build financial skills into your lessons.

Visit the site and download the tools today!  I am going to start doing this with my children (more with my older one because she's about the right age) but I think it's a great idea, and I have always had lots of luck teaching through sesame street!  They just understand children!

P.S.- You can watch the movie on their website, or they include a DVD if you call to get the whole kit!

Sesame Street "For Me, For You, For Later" Kit