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Wee Crown Photography Prop {Crochet Pattern}

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You know how sometimes life gets away from you?  Well, I have a photography business that I run, as well as all of the crafts, websites and raising children, so I can get quite busy and sometimes leave something behind a little bit.  Usually in my life, the two things that suffer are my websites and my crafting.  Well, thus is not the case with the crafting this time - I've been working on lots of great projects, but I haven't posted about any of them!

Today, I'll share with you one of the simple things that I made while I've been absent!

I knew a friend was giving birth to a girl, so I worked out this adorable little crown for her to wear during our shoot:

It was super easy and took maybe 15 minutes.  Here is the pattern!

Wee Crown Photography Prop {Crochet Pattern}

Special Stitches:  V-stitch: (dc, ch 2, dc) all in same st.

Materials needed:
Small amount of worsted weight yarn (you can also go dk or sport, but adjust your hook size accordingly and expect it to be smaller)
Size H crochet hook


Ch 30, join to make ring.
R1: ch 3, dc in each st around, join to top of ch 3 with sl st (30 dc)
R2: ch 4 (counts as dc and ch 1), dc in same space, skip two dc, *V- stitch, sk two dc* around, joining with sl st to 3rd ch of ch 4 from beginning of round.
R3: sl into ch 1 sp,( ch 2, 2 hdc, 2 dc, 3 hdc) all in ch 1 sp, sl st in next ch 1 sp, *(3 hdc, 2 dc, 3 hdc) in ch 1 sp, sl st in next ch 1 sp* around, join with sl st to top of ch 2 from beginning of round.

Hope you all like it!  Feel free to leave a comment below!!!

Framing your Memories

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This year, one of my home decor projects is to be printing and hanging a bunch of new pictures.  I've been trying to go through my hard drive and group things better and try to get ready for the printing process.  In the meantime, however, I've been dreaming about all the options that are available to me.

In my living room, I currently have a quad group of pictures, two of which are artwork, and two are of my girls.  I plan on keeping these pictures, but updating the pictures of the girls, because I like the focal pieces there.  My staircase, though, is a totally different story.  I love the look of photographs on the staircase, however, it's become apparent that all my pictures there are like 6 years outdated.  I really need to come up with something better.  Here's some of the stuff I've been eyeing:

I love the look of lots of pictures like this:

and I love the uniqueness of frames within frames like this:

And the interchangeability of the clothesline frame:

I'm not sure which route I'll go yet.  Though in my searches, I have also been looking for picture frames, of suitable size and quality for my long term needs.  I've found quite a few that I like through The Picture Frame Guys, who specialize in custom framing and matting.  If you like photography, home decor or anything about frames, you really should check out their site.  They have a wide array of beautiful frames like these:

I just love the bright colors!  I'd love to use these for artwork in my kids' room!

The other useful thing about their website is that they have a whole section for resources, Ideas for framing, photography, and more to help you in your photographic journey (whether that be taking pictures or framing them!).  Also make sure that you check out their FAQ, which answers many questions about their services.  Also, as a major bonus, if you're an artist, a gallery, an institution, they have special deals for commercial customers.

I'll make sure to let you know what I end up with, and of course lots of pictures!!!

Happy Birthday America!!!

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A little taste of the fun pictures to come to the Light Show series that is part of my Atmospheric Noise project.  Happy Birthday, America!!!