Sunday, January 21, 2018

How time flies when you're living life....

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Hello everyone!
I realize that it's been a while since I've put anything new up on the blog.  To be honest, I haven't had much new to put on here anyway.  I completed a few crochet projects this past year, and worked a little bit on a few new ones, but have not done near as much as I have in years past.  It's not that I don't still enjoy it, it's just that I have less time to crochet and work on this blog as I have before.  Working a full time job will do that to you, I guess, but I know what I'm doing is good for the family.

The hard part is figuring out where I can fit in what's right for me.  I guess that's always a challenge as a parent- fitting yourself into the equation somewhere.  You know you deserve it, that small bit of time captured for yourself, but where do you find the time between the constant juggle of work, dance class, band, homework, dinner, laundry, and then somehow finding time for a shower?  It's a balance that I'm still working on, but trying to get better at.  I've started trying to get back into shape, which seems to get harder every time I fall off the bandwagon (what better reason to not fall off again?).

I've got some content that I was working on when I lost track of time, which I'll be sharing with you in the weeks to come, mixed in with some new stuff- maybe just ramblings, but time will tell.  My husband is also working on a project, so I'll make sure to share updates when his stuff goes live!  In the meantime, enjoy this:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Pattern Experience: Women's Peaked Cap

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My Pattern Experience:  Women's Peaked Cap

I found this hat on ravelry one day and just knew I had the perfect person to give it to.  This hat worked up really quickly, it was fun to make and I was lucky to find just the right button to go on it.

I wish I had made it just a tad bit larger, for a bit more of a slouchy look on the top, but the recipient loved it anyway!  The brim is nice and holds its shape well even without the use of any plastic canvas or wires.

You can find the pattern here:  Women's Peaked Cap 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Salt Dough Ornaments {Craft Tutorial}

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Salt Dough Ornaments/ Gift Tags

Hey everyone!  I know it's early, but this is about the time of year in which I kick into full on holiday crafting mode.  Today I'd like to share with you the salt dough ornaments that I made last year for everyone in my family.  Not only did they serve as ornaments, but I also used them to label everyone's gift, so they also served as gift tags!  These little guys are so easy to make and very versatile so they can fit any theme that you would like.  

Materials needed:

For the dough:

1 cup salt 

2 cups all purpose flour 
1 cup luke-warm water 

For decorations:

A leaf from a tree or shrub of your desire, the more textured the better
Paint in any color you desire
Sealant of some sort (either a clear spray, mod podge, anything you like)
any other embellishments that you might like
string for hanging

Mix flour and salt in a bowl.  Gradually add water while stirring with your hand.  Knead the dough until it reaches a nice soft consistency.

Roll the dough out (I recommend that you keep it thin- less than a half an inch and much closer to a quarter inch- to help maintain the integrity of any design, as it can bubble during baking if it gets too thick) and use cookie cutters to cut into shapes, or create the shapes yourself!  For mine, I used a small glass to create the circles, and a star cookie cutter to create the stars.

When you have all your dough cut, take a skewer (toothpick, or other small pointy object) and poke a hole through for your string to create a hanger later.  For my circular ornaments, I took a leaf and pressed into each circle to create a leafy texture.

When you're done shaping and designing your dough, place on a cookie sheet in a 200 degree oven and bake for anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  You'll know they are done when they are firm and might even be starting to brown.  

Let your creations cool and then let the decorating begin.  For my stars, I first painted them white with a basic acrylic paint and let that dry.  I then painted metallic blue acrylic paint on one side of the star, and wrote the recipients name on the other side.

For the circles, I painted them red and green, and let that dry.  Then I came back and lightly sponged on white to give them a textured look and to add definition to the leafy prints.  Then I wrote the recipients name on the back side.  

Tie a piece of string through the hole you made and you've made yourself a pretty ornament/gift tag!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Pattern Experience: Sponge

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I love making bath items for my friends and family.  I know for myself, I don't ever go and buy myself nice washclothes or scrubbies unless I'm on a whim.  When I make bath items I use great cottons like the I Love This Yarn cotton and they're silky soft!

I made this sponge and it worked up really easily and was super cute.  I made mine in lime and blue and stitched it so the green showed through on the solid blue side.  I highly recommend using this pattern to make your own sponges, for use dishwashing, cleaning your house, body and more!  Just throw them in the washing machine and they'll be good as new for the next washing!

Find the pattern for the Sponge here!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Crafting from the Kitchen: Coconut Milk Bath {DIY Bath Soak Craft Tutorial}

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DIY Coconut Milk Bath

Materials Needed:

Powdered Goods:

Dried Coconut Milk, Dried Milk, Baking Soda, Corn Starch


You can really go wild with this one, using what is carried at your local hobby store or ordering some of the more exotic scents off of the internet.  My favorites are CoconutLemongrass, and Lavender.

Jars to store your sugar scrub in, I use 1/2 pint mason jars


In a large mixing bowl, mix 2 cups dried milk with 1 cup dried coconut milk.  Add 1/2 baking soda and 1/2 cup cornstarch.  Once mixed well, it's time to add scents.  Do this lightly, as you want to avoid clumping.  I added just a few drops at a time and stirred really well in between adding drops.  Once you have enough scent, scoop into your jars and add cute gift tags with usage instructions.

Enjoy gifting these little treasures, but make sure to save one for yourself!


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