Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Pattern Experience: December 7 Snowflake

My Pattern Experience: December 7 Snowflake

I am gonna be completely honest here.  I don't really remember the actual making of this particular snowflake.  Which means it probably went well with no real issues.  I love the angles involved in it and I wish that I had blocked it a little bit better.  I do remember for blocking, since I knew these would be tree decorations and not used for tables or general use, I blocked them in this manner.  First I washed and soaked them in warm water, then pinned them to my blocking mat.  After they were dry, and while they were still pinned, I brushed them with a solution of white glue and glitter (for a little sparkle).  Then I let this dry and unpinned them, flipped them over and gave them the same glue and glitter treatment on the other side.   I have a dream of having my tree completely covered in these - all different kinds of snowflakes!  You can find the pattern here:  December 7 Snowflake

Have you worked this pattern?  Have you made snowflakes before?  Leave me a comment below!

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