Waterless Snow Globe [craft project]

Tonight, we engaged in family craft night, with each member of the family making a waterless snowglobe.  If you remember, I posted a picture of these that I had found in a craft flyer from Michaels.  I ran with the idea the other day when we shopped, and we got all sorts of cute christmas supplies to make these with!

Pint Sized Ball Canning Jars
1 pkg white christmas garland
Miniature Christmas tree Ornaments
Miscellaneous Christmas Craft accessories (ie. buttons, charms, pinecones, etc)
Hot Glue
Christmas Colored fabric square about an inch and a half larger than jar cap on each side


Cut a small portion of garland to place at bottom of jar, drizzle hot glue in first and then press garland in.
Remove any hangers from ornament, put glue on bottom and position in jar. 
Glue in any accessories that you may desire.
Put on cap, then fabric square, then metal ring.
Glue section of ribbon to outside of metal ring, embellish with button if desired.
You may also additionally place a circular tag on the top of the jar, with a To: / From: label on it.