Move aside, here comes the crafting train!!!

So yesterday and the day before were both very productive days for my crafting ventures!  I'll be posting some new patterns after I get their pictures taken, but first, let me update on the crafting that has been completed!

Scarf (the knit I'm halfway done with)  Done!!!  yay!  putting those knitting needles back in the closet!Trivets (set of at least 3) Got 1 done!  :)Bath set (puff, mitt, washcloth)
hat or scarf (for my bro-in-law... I can't decide what to make for him!)
a half of a scarf (I ran out of gold crochet thread!)  Got the thread so I can finish it!Aside from crochet projects, I also have some crafting that needs to be done:
A photo project
Tags for the gifts
the mini frozen pies
and of course, wrapping!  I figured out what do do about the wrapping, and I finished them yesterday!  look for a great tutorial to be coming hopefully later today!
I am feeling GREAT about my holiday crafting!  I'm going to work on the gift tags for a little bit this afternoon and hopefully finish another trivet or potholder.  And of course, look for some new patterns and tutorials to hopefully come today or tomorrow!