my life in abbreviations

It seems, as I settle into the insanity that is holiday project-ing, my life is made up of abbreviations.  For example, I'm currently knitting a scarf.  K2, P2, K2, P2, etc.  Crocheting is no different.  sc, dc, hdc, tc, fpdc, bpdc, yo, etc.  patterns and abbreviations.  I wonder if i could catalog my day in abbreviations?  gu, mb, fb, gd, ml, wrr?  [translated: get up, make breakfast, feed baby, get dressed, make lunch, wash rinse repeat?]  but enough silliness for now.

Today, I did break out my knitting needles.  They've been in the back of my closet for, oh, about 3 years now?  Once I got back into crocheting, they took the backseat as I discovered all the magic that could be found in the variety of stitches.  So you could say I'm getting back to the basics, the small steps that got me hooked (hehe, like my pun?) on yarn.  I'm in fact, making my favorite scarf.  It's the one that I kept for myself, cherish and love.  And now, I'm making it as a christmas present.  Initially, I was just going to take the pattern (just a simple 2x2 rib) and make it into a crochet pattern (2fpdc, 2bpdc) and do it that way.  I started last night with a large hook and was happily crocheting along. I got about 10 rows into it, and realised that while it had the same sort of rib, it had a different look and feel.  It was stretchy, but not the same way.  it was soft, but had a hard quality to the rib that wasn't the same.  I got mad at it for not being the way i wanted and pulled it all out.  I stomped to my yarn closet and pulled out the knitting needles.  It took me a half an hour to cast it on and get the first row started~ I pulled the beginning apart about 20 times just trying to get it right without dropping stitches.  But once I got going, it started working up super fast.  I'm about a third of the way done with it and I've probably spent 2 hours total working on it.  Plus, using the yarn that I ripped out from the 10 rows of crochet, I got about twice the amount of length out of it.  The stretch is perfect and I'm beginning to bargain with myself about keeping this one.... for old times sake.  But I can't!  I have to give this one away, I picked this yarn specifically for this person!  I guess I'll just have to make another one for myself.  (after all the holiday crocheting is done)

I asked my husband, would you wear this scarf?  It's not very girly, is it?  (in my opinion, it looks like a mans scarf~ the simple rib and all)  he says yes, definitely.  (i think I'll call it the "stolen from a boy" scarf... lol)  He then proceeded to ask me if I'd started on his hat yet.  (sassy!  not once, in all the time we've been together has he asked me to crochet him something.  I've never made him anything, because it just seems like he isn't interested.  Then, about a week ago, he asks me if I could make him a hat and line it with fabric, to make it warmer.  I agreed~ because I thought it would be a fun challenge.)  I reported back that he had to wait until the holiday crafting was done.  he rolled his eyes.  (it will never be done!)

Yes, it will be done, because it has to be done.  If it doesn't get done, someone (including myself) will be very sad.

So here's the list of things in progress, that have to be done for holiday gifting.

Scarf (the knit I'm halfway done with)
Trivets (set of at least 3)
Bath set (puff, mitt, washcloth)
hat or scarf (for my bro-in-law... I can't decide what to make for him!)
a half of a scarf (I ran out of gold crochet thread!)

Aside from crochet projects, I also have some crafting that needs to be done:
A photo project
Tags for the gifts
the mini frozen pies
and of course, wrapping!  (my favorite part!!!!  I love finding really pretty, tasteful wrap (not the cheesy stuff) and decorating it up with ribbons, tags, and other cute holiday goodness!  Most of the time, believe it or not, I order my wrap from one of the kids in the neighborhood for their school fundraisers.  (this year, I've chosen Landon~ the little 5 year old that just started kindergarten and whom my 3.5 year old is in love with)  I love the wraps I got from him!)  I need to get creative though, since I'm giving frozen pies, I either have to just give them out singly, or find boxes that have lids, that i can wrap, open back up and stick in the pie...  hmmm.

I have gotten a lot done, though.  I finished the d20, 1.5 scarves, and 7 hats.

off to crafting now!!!