Lately my time has been spent....

doing so many miscellanous things that I just can't write about them!  I figure I'll give you all the "gist" of what I'm working on, and I promise that when things all get finished, there will be lots more posting.  This is all inspired by the fact that I finished the portrait functioning part of my website.... so now I wanted to be able to get the other parts up as well~ but as things usually are with me, I dove into everything headfirst and am now backlogged with projects!

I've been making bows and clips for little girls, coccoons for babies, hats for babies, working on a comissioned blanket, along with outlining my plans for my wedding supply section of my website.  Not only this, but I'm trying to finish this one afghan~ gotta get it done over the course of this next week so I can start on my next one. 

Then, of course, once I get all that done, I have to photograph it, post it and hopefully sell some stuff.  I'm also thinking about trying to find out about the art fest this year~ and perhaps take part, selling my fine art photography.  I've got a busy year ahead of me, and January has already almost slipped me by!