Projects, Projects, Projects!

This time of year, my house is just filled with projects...  literally.

In my frig are all natural egg dyes- tutorial hopefully to come later today.
My kitchen table is covered in paper mache nests and eggs that my daughter and I are painting.
I created a little tree to hang on the table and display the eggs and stuff.
I'm working on christmas gifts (yes, already!  I decided to two several large projects for family members and want to make sure I have time to finish them)
I have finished crocheting an easter sweater for my 6 month old and am currently working on a matching 4 year old version.
I am also working on a set of pot holders that have been custom ordered!  They're looking really cute! :)

In addition to all these crafty things for myself, I'm working on new bows and hair pretties for my business and getting my house all organized and clean for my soon to be four year old's birthday party at the end of the month.

My life never seems to slow down!