Craft Studio Update!


As part of our forthcoming release of our new studio here at LiLu Studios, we are preparing a wonderful 7 day tutorial on how to start crocheting, the basic stitches, and how to teach yourself, online!  Look for our new How-To series to arrive in the next week, along with sneak previews of our new product line that will be available on our website!

For today, we wanted to share some inspiration!  Here's just a few cool things that we've seen recently that you might enjoy!

  For those of us who craft our children's halloween costumes, or our own, or even our own decorations, we've got to start early, and for me, now is about that time.  I start first on the decorations, so that they're ready to be displayed when the first of October rolls around and then they're also done and out of the way so that I can work on the costuming!  Here's a list of the craft projects that we've been eyeing to add to our usual bats and garbage bag ghosts and paper towel ghosts!  (See our tutorial from last Halloween!!)
Well, that's our list for right now... we'll pare down what we actually do to about 5-6 projects, and we'll post pictures as we complete them.  In the meantime, look for our upcoming How-To Tutorials and much more to come!