A few of my favorite Afghans... a list

Here is a list, with pictures, of my favorite afghans.   I may not have completed some of these, but I have plans to complete them at some point in my life.  Hopefully you'll enjoy looking at them as much as I do!

  1. This one is in progress! Temair Throw
  2. Mandala Throw
  3. Scrap of Beauty
  4. Country Tweed Afghan
  5. Branches and Berries
  6. Medallion Circular Throw
    Arrow Stitch Afghan
  7. Urban Granny Throw
  8. Cat and Mouse Throw {To be made for my daughter}
  9. Diamonds and Tweed Blanket {Almost done with this one!}
  10. Graphic Circles Afghan
  11. Mosaic Afghan {just got done, need to weave in ends and block}
  12. Galaxy Afghan {This one has been on the docket for a long time, perhaps after I finish up the ones I'm working on?}
  13. Groovyghan {Also in progress, to be finished after the other three are finished up}

So as you can see, I've got one finished, just needing weaving, and three in progress.  I've just got too many that are sitting around waiting to be finished!!  But, after these are done, then the list will be down to nine!  Who else needs an afghan? :)