Halloween Crafting, Day 1, Decoupage and painted Halloween Jar Candles

So I was talking to a friend and fellow blogger, Robyn the other day about how she inspired one of our halloween crafts with her cute little spider jar, going on asking her if she'd seen it and going on about what we did and I come home, look on my page list and realize that I hadn't posted it yet!  I'm a total dork....  So here it is, Robyn, inspired by Part 1 and Part 2 of her Halloween crafts:

Decoupage and painted Halloween Jar Candles

So I'm not really going to post a tutorial, it's pretty easy to see what I've done.  I've worked with mod podge and just regular tissue paper, let my daughter rip it apart and then stick it onto the jars.  Then we cut some construction paper and glued it on the outside!  Voila!  We did it in two parts so Lily got to work on it all day- she was thrilled!!