How To Crochet Series: Episode 3, Picking a Pattern

Now that you know all about the basic stitches, lets cover how you should go about picking your first pattern to start with.  If you like, you could go out and buy a book on crochet and it would walk you through the easy to the harder patterns.  Chances are, however, if you are reading this blog, you have access to the internet, where there are probably millions of free patterns floating around.
The trick is to find a pattern that works for you as a beginner, yet is something that you really enjoy.

I recommend starting with something simple and square or rectangular.  It gives you less shape to worry about, and ultimately, less complex stitches. A great starting point for anyone is a scarf.  They are quick to do and very easy, and make great gifts!

I would recommend staying away from very large projects, such as full size afghans, sweaters, gloves, socks, and arigurami for your first project.  They're very tempting, but it is also easy to get frustrated and give up on something large or complicated if you make it your first project.

How to find a pattern that you like:
I have many resources that I use to find patterns, and most of them are large scale yarn companies or the sister websites of crochet pattern central and knitting pattern central.  They both contain (mostly) well written patterns and pictures to help you out.

My favorite Links:

Crochet Pattern Central
Lion Brand Yarn
Bernat Yarns
Red Heart Yarn

Now, what to do when you get there.... Look for the categories, find one that you want to search and go there, look through the patterns that they have.  Make sure that it says "Easy" or "Beginner" and it is something that doesn't have any complicated stitches to add to it.

I might also recommend that you start with something like my Curly Scarf pattern that was a big hit at christmas the year before last.  :)

Now that you have your pattern, make sure that you have the needle size that it calls for and the yarn that you want to use and you are ready to go!

Stay tuned for our next Episode, How To... Read a Pattern!

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