How To Crochet Series: Episode 7, Advanced Stitches

Now after you've mastered the Intermediate techniques, the world is really your oyster.  You are ready for almost anything that can be thrown at you and I'm sure that many good things are to come!  Take advantage of the following resources to learn about and discover more interesting crochet techniques!

Here is a list of a ton of stitches for your reference

After trying some intermediate patterns, you might be ready to attempt arigurami, complex afghans, gloves and clothing!

I hope that this tutorial series has helped you get a better grasp for what to do and where to look for more information.  Also, don't be afraid to use your google skills and look up videos on youtube or more help.  It's available out there and you no longer need your mom to teach you how!!!

Enjoy the art of crocheting! :)

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