Check this Freebie out!- Scholastic Books and Kellogg's Partner up!

Are you a mom of a Pre-school to school aged child?  If so, you've probably heard of scholastic books, right?  Being a mom, I'm sure that you also buy food... and I'm sure that at least one thing that you buy is a Kellogg brand.  So, I've got a nice deal for you!  With the codes from your Kellogg's products, and the Scholastic website, you can get a free book, valued up to $5.00.  It takes two codes to get a free book, but get this... there isn't a limit!  You can keep redeeming codes and keep getting free books!  

Now, let me just say this, yes, it takes two codes per book and you have to save all your codes and do all this work... blah blah blah.  Don't make excuses on this one!  If you're already buying the Kellogg's products, it just makes sense to then take those codes and turn them into free books.  Do it, please, for me?

Offer is good through July 1, 2012!  Start Saving today!