Hello to my readers!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for being my readers, and following me through all my crazy exploits. I have made the decision to split this blog, in a way, where this blog, tied to my business "LiLu Studios: Photography, Crafts and Mayhem" will become the primary focus for my personal crafting and artwork.
I have started a second blog, called "Fantastic Finds for the Fam{ily}" and it will contain things that are meant for Families and Children to do. This part of my blog will contain more of my personal life, more activities and crafts for kids, reviews on products and books, and kid friendly cooking. I am doing this to separate my work and personal life in a way, and I hope that it doesn't affect anyone in a negative fashion. Feel free to follow both, if you happen to be a mom and a crafter, and I hope to see you here and there!
You might also see me over at My Nerdy Mom, which will slowly become my headquarters for all the nerdy technological things in my life... but this is going to be a longer process than my new family blog.  It doesn't have any actual content yet, but it's coming... I've got several articles in the works right now, and they'll be coming up soon.   

I hope to see you all either here, there, or everywhere!