Just a short post today with an update...

I have hit the end of all of the holiday crafting posts.  I will have some valentines crafting posts coming up soon *crosses fingers* but the way life has been lately, it's been all doing and no refining patterns.

I'm working on several fun projects and here's what you can expect in the coming months:

The revival of  "30 days of Hats"
I have been designing like mad, and am nearing completion on my 30 days of hats project!  Get ready for an explosion of new hats that you can crochet!

Several Knitting patterns
Yes, I have ventured into the world of knitting and have written a couple of knitting patterns.

Crochet-a-thon for Charity
I am planning to do a marathon crocheting adventure- I haven't decided the length, but I think it will be at least 12 hours, of just crocheting for charity.  I will be making a variety of items, such as preemie hats, bird's nests (for rescue centers), and hats for Cancer patients.

My first Afghan pattern
My eldest daughter requested that I make a blankie for her like her sisters.  I made her sisters blanket from just a simple expanded granny square, and it was very easy.  I thought about doing that again for hers, but then changed my mind, deciding that I wanted to make hers something a little more grown up.  I ended up, as I usually do, designing my own pattern and am going to post it on here to share!

New simple crochet projects
I've got a couple of other simple crochet projects that I've worked on and will share here for you. :)

So be patient, there will probably be a little lapse in posts while I prepare all of these things, but I'm sure I'll also sneak some peeks in there for you all!