My Mothers Decorative Afghan

When I set out to make my mother's gift this year, I wanted to make it something different.  She knows how to crochet and she's made herself afghans in the past, so I wanted it to be something that she would never make for herself.  I found a great pattern on Lion Brand Yarn's website, and modified the colors and removed some features to make this decorative afghan for her.   It is called the removed the tassels that hung from the sides and attached things a little differently than they had. 
I still feel that the afghan is missing something, if I were keeping it, I would probably add a border all around the outer edge, and I offered to do this for my mother if she wanted me to.  I told her to take it for a test drive and if she wanted me to modify it in any way I could.  

It was a challenging pattern, but visually striking I think!  (And my mother loved it, btw)