Design Contest!

I've been working on a personal challenge for a while now... to design a total of 30 hats.  I am planning on publishing this as a full month of hats.  However, I've stalled on design ideas.  I've got quite a few patterns written, and some designs drawn but not done yet, but here's what I'm really looking for- something to spark my interest, something that just reaches out and says BAM!  This is the hat you want to make.

I'm not looking for pre-made patterns here, I'm looking for ideas, sketches, theories and things from all aspects of your imagination.  This Contest will be ongoing until all 30 patterns have been completed.  If your design is chosen, and I make the hat and write the pattern, you win the hat I make!  How cool is that?

I will also accept submissions from movies/tv shows/etc, if you find a picture of a hat that you like from a movie, submit it, and I might design it! And remember, you don't have to be a yarn artist to design a hat! A simple drawing does just fine for me, and if I like the design and think it's feasible, I might make it!

You can either make a submission in a comment below, email it to me at or on my facebook page at