Hooray! Crochet wins and my finger hurts....

So I decided to completely neglect any and all housework today in favor of getting a ton of yarn work done.  I completed the final 10 motifs from the last clue, Clue #6.  There are more clues to come, which will be stitching them together and most likely adding a border to the afghan.  This clue however, was the last of the little motifs that I had to make.  So I stitched like crazy and finished up the last ten of those. 

Then, feeling exhilarated by that progress, I headed straight into one of my other current projects, The Octonauts:

I know a gal at work who wanted these adorable little critters for her son's birthday.  She asked me to make them and supplied me with a pattern and it's all been going pretty well:

This is just the first part of the cat, a picture I took the other day.  He now has a hat, eye patch, belly and neckband (though they aren't attached yet) and his little nose is in the mail!  I've also started on the penguin and have most of his head completed. 

And, I have a blister on my finger from holding my crochet hook literally all day.  ow.