Potato Stamped Canvas Totes {Craft Tutorial}

So I saw several ideas for children's storage on Pinterest, which is my favorite place to look for craft ideas.  I saw this one I liked that was like a modular space that could hold those small canvas totes and separate toys.  I picked out 4 really plain white ones that were only $1.50 each.

I then dug through my cupboard, and found two potatoes that were getting soft and that I wouldn't use for baking.  I cut these in half and let my daughter draw on them with a pencil to pick out what shapes she wanted me to cut.  She picked a moon, a flower, a pawprint and a smiley face.

Be very careful when cutting these out, I actually gave myself a nasty cut in the process... :'(

I then painted the design with acrylic paint and we stamped them on the canvas totes:

We liked the way that the stamps looked after they had been painted too!

Overall, it was easy and simple, and it's going to make for great storage in the girls' room!  I'll add pictures of the setup after I get it all organized!

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