Today I'm working on....

... 4 more Octagons for Clue 5 in the Bernat 2012 Mystery Crochet Along
... seaming up girls sweaters for Easter and debating on whether or not to add sleeves
... trying to match blues to work on the Octonauts for a friend from work
... finishing touches on a new afghan motif pattern that I'm writing
... finish up the sizing on the arms for my big girls dance costume
... general behind the scenes blog-work
... being an awesome mom

No, I don't think these are all going to be completed today... but I find when I list out the things that I need to do, more tends to get done.  I could add all sorts of housework and half finished crafts to that list, but these things are what is most important right at the moment.

What will I probably get done?

daughters dance costume
being an awesome mom (hopefully)
and the last elusive octogons.  I have to get those done for the next clue tomorrow!

At least I'll be thinking about my other projects...

Do you make lists?  Do they help you or hinder you?  What sorts of things are on your list?