An Amazing Honor and Fun Opportunity!

I've been kind of missing in action lately, and for that I apologize.  Sometimes there's just so much going on IRL that I lose track of which way is up!  This month has been no exception! 

Today, I'm bringing wonderful news that I've hoarded to myself for a while now, while plans have been finalized and I've been trying to make sure I'm really awake and not dreaming.  (*pinches self again*)

A wonderful organization named Halos Of Hope recently contacted me.

 If you haven't heard of them, they're a wonderfully selfless organization that collects, creates and distributes hats to men, women and children who are battling cancer.  They collect hats from all across the USA and distribute them to hospitals, cancer centers and the like and they are handed out free to patients everywhere.  They found one of my favorite patterns, The Arrow Hat, and asked if they might have my permission to hand it out at their booth this year during the Stitches Midwest Convention!  They chose my pattern because it's a nice manly style for a beanie, but when worked in soft feminine colors, it's also a nice women's hat. 

My Arrow Hat

Of course I said yes!  I think they're a wonderful organization and love to help out wherever I can, and if I can crochet while doing it, even better!  They also asked if I would come to the convention and sign patterns and answer questions at the booth one afternoon.  Since it's close to where I live (and I have a dear relative/bff who lives near there) I figured that would be fun too!  So I've been working my hooks like mad creating some new hats to take with me to donate to their cause, and I can't wait to go and meet the people who help run this wonderful organization.

Some of the fantastic yarns I'm making hats from right now :)
If you're in the Schaumberg, IL area and would like to meet me, the woman behind the blog, feel free to stop by Stitches Midwest at the Halos for Hope booth and see me on Saturday, August 11 between 12-2 pm!  I would love to see you there!  (And if you come, bonus points if you bring a hat to donate to this awesome cause!)