Saturday Savings- Free Sesame Street Happy, Healthy and Ready for School

Now that you've had your breakfast and your coffee... lets start thinking about school!  It's coming rapidly and before we know it, the kids will be off and learning.

This is my daughter's first year of Kindergarten.  As a mother, I hope she's prepared, excited, won't be afraid, will do well, will listen, won't cry, won't make me cry, and many other mixed emotions.  Well, as a parent, we all have responsibilities to our children to give them the best opportunity possible.

Thus one of my favorite Freebies today is from the PNC Grow Up Great program.  As you all know, I've talked about this program, and if you've had children that watch sesame street, you all know the program as well.  They have a very nice module for parents called Happy, Healthy, Ready for School and it has a video, activities, a workbook and a magazine for mom and dad.  There is also a Math Is Everywhere kit, which also has activities and a magazine.

These are great resources for a parent to make sure that their child is headed on the right track for school.  If you're a parent, you should definitely check it out today!

Sesame Street, Happy, Healthy, Ready for School Freebie!