Common Crochet Fails and How to Fix Them

Fails.  Everyone has them.
In some cases, the pattern is destined to fail.  In others, the yarn artist is the cause of the problem.

I have had both happen to me.  It's not just something that happens once in a while either, nor has it really gotten better with time.  Some types of patterns, and certain items just seem to be beyond my mental grasp.

Sometimes it's a matter of knowing what "fails" to expect, how to fix what you can and should and how to let go of the things you can't.

I've recently suffered from two major fails, which I'll discuss here.

Fail #1:
Your item comes out too large (or too small)

Whoops.  If you're like me, this discovery comes at a point in which it feels pointless to turn back.  In some things, the size of your item doesn't matter.  For example, you're making a washcloth.  It comes out the size of a towel.  Poof!  It's a towel!  You've just accomplished a magic trick!  In other cases, it really matters, ie.  Wow, this sweater I was making for baby Mae looks like it could fit uncle Joe!  Now will uncle Joe appreciate this fluffy pink sweater?  Probably not.

How to prevent problems with size:

Make a gauge swatch.  Most good patterns, if they are size relevant, have a gauge swatch measurement that tells you how many stitches and how many rows equals what size.  ie: I Hook: 15 rows of 12 sc= 4"x4"-  this means that when crocheting with an I hook, if you crochet a square with 12 sc in each row over 15 rows, you should have a 4"x4" square at the end.  If your square is larger, try going down a hook size.  If your square is smaller, go up a hook size.

Fail #2:

Makers Remorse: You made it, and now you hate it.

I've done this several times, been halfway through, or through a pattern and I hate it.  It's ugly, it would look better in pink, I will never ever keep this.

How to repair makers remorse:

Ever heard the phrase: One man's trash is another man's treasure?  Just because you hate it doesn't mean someone else won't.  So that lime green hat was a bad idea and totally clashes with your blonde hair.... Gift it to your crazy aunt Donna!  Sell it on Etsy!  Donate it!  Great organizations like Halos of Hope thrive off of donations of any sort, and there is bound to be a guy or gal out there that would LOVE that hat!  (also, if you ever make a hat that is too big or small to wear or give to someone, donate it!  Heads come in every size and I'm sure that someone somewhere will have the perfect head for that hat!)  I guarantee that if you find someone else to love it, you'll love it for how it made that person feel.

Have you ever had a mishap with crochet or knitting?  If so, I'd love to hear about how you dealt with the problem! :)