Scouting Sunday #10: 5 Valentines Date Ideas

This week, for our Scouting Sunday, we're going to do things a little bit differently.  This week, we'll be discussing Valentine's Date Ideas... from the cheap to the extravagant, for any type of couple.  If you are a blogger and have been scouted, make sure to snag a button at the bottom!

Idea #1

For the geeky couple:

...for those with expensive taste...

Why not visit Woodlyn Park, which is a unique adventure nicknamed the "hobbit hotel."  For those looking for the Lord of the Rings experience, it might be perfect.  The interior is not as hobbit-ish as the outside and surrounding area, but it's a quaint getaway nonetheless.

But why stop there?  Continue your Lord of the Rings adventure with a Middle Earth Adventure in Wellington, NZ.  This scenic adventure will take you to an array of filming sites used in the movies, and also gorgeous scenery.

Want it all in one package? Including *authentic* hobbit food?  Check out this tour/stay  from Minaret Lodge that features such awesome amenities as 1st and 2nd breakfast, Lembas bread, and  local tours.  Choose your hobbit adventure wisely!

...on the cheap...

Plan an at home Lord of the Rings Getaway! 
Who says you have to travel overseas to have the full hobbiton experience?  
First, you'll either have to rent or own the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Second, TOGETHER (it is date night, right?) prepare a feast fit for a hobbit.  Start with Merry's Cider (add Rum for a Hard Cider Variety), snack on Elvish Lembas Bread, move on to Mushroom soup from the Inn at Bree, add a main course of Mrs. Maggot's Cottage Pie and finish it up with a fine dessert of Lebuchken.  Don't like that menu?  Replace any item with one of the other hundred middle earth recipes featured on that website!  Pop in the movies while you're cooking, and play the LEGO hobbit game after dinner, put together a Citadel of Minas Tirith 3D Puzzle, or even play Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit or Risk!

Everything needed for this Date Night:

Idea #2

For the adventurous couple:

...for those with expensive taste...
Want a true adventurous adventure?  Want it all planned for you?  Want to relive history?  Take a Covered Wagon Vacation!  According to their website:.  "Wagons West invited you to be a part of Western America's most unique vacation idea.  Trek with us along unused roads in the foothills of the Rockies and near the mighty with us in grassy meadows by a noisy stream...share some dutch oven grub from the chuckwagon...enjoy the evening wagon circle and campfire...relax to the singing of the cowboy...coax the oldtimer to spin a yarn...sleep in your covered wagon, in a tent or under the starsSounds pretty cool to me!

...on the cheap...
Being adventurous and exploring nature doesn't mean you have to travel far or spend a lot of money to do it, in fact, you can get by relatively cheaply on your own.  If the weather is nice, do something outside- camp at a secluded campsite, hike in a state park near you, or even just pop a tent in your backyard and sleep out together under the stars.  For those of us in more unfortunate weather, stay inside, make a tent from sheets, spread out those sleeping bags and have a picnic on the floor with a star projector turning your room into a nighttime wonderland!

Everything you need for this date night and more:

Idea #3

For the family-oriented couple:

...for those with expensive taste...
Take a Family Adventure Vacation with OARS!  Vacations vary from 1/2 a day to 11 days with varying options and locations.  They send you with multiple guides, including one especially designated for your children.  They provide the food, awesome photographic locations and all the transportation. 

...on the cheap...
Make a family date night- go to Chuck-e Cheese's or even let the kids each pick their favorite meal and movie and order in (everyone gets their favorite!)  Go ice skating, roller skating, bowling, to a movie, or host a family game night at home!  {In about a week I'll be posting about the fantastic Hasbro Family Game Night I hosted on New Years!}
The point is, do what you love to do, and do it together. :)

Idea #4

For the romantic couple:

...for those with expensive taste...
Where better to spend the most romantic holiday of the year than the most romantic city in the world?  Travel to Paris, stay in the Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel, visit the Eiffel Tower and soak in the romance all around.

...on the cheap...

Make your own Parisian getaway at home!  Dress up in your fanciest clothes, throw a lace tablecloth and a nice centerpiece (and definitely don't use paper plates!) on your table.  Prepare some French delicacies, and treat yourself to a wonderful evening.  
Suggested Menu:

Everything you need and more:

Idea #5

For the pampered couple:

...for those with expensive taste...
Try a trip to Koh Samui, the ultimate Spa Resort.  They offer everything that a spa does, in a resort format and add detox, yoga and meditation, and you can do it all from their beautiful beaches....

...on the cheap...
Make your own spa experience at home!  Dim the lights, light some candles, and invest in some massage oils, facial masks, lotions and other amenities to slather all over each other.  Feed each other grapes or serve chocolate covered strawberries with a bottle of a great Moscato.  The point of this one is to spend the night pampering each other!

Everything you need for this date night and more:

Hope you all love this edition of Scouting Sunday!

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