Be Educated! Reading is Fundamental!

Now as you might remember, I'm huge into reading.  I love reading myself, I love reading to my kids, and now that my little gal is not so little, she's starting to read to me!  I think it's important that every child be given the best chance possible to succeed in literacy and have been on a kick recently with sharing my favorite resources.  Today, I'm here to tell you about a website called "Reading is Fundamental".

They are a great non profit organization that helps fund programs to get kids excited about and ready to learn to read.  They have helped found many community run organizations designed to develop children's interest in reading by providing them with free books, activities and much more!   They have great brochures and tip sheets to help develop great readers! 

My favorite part of the website is their activities page, which gives you a huge list of different activities all designed to engage your children in reading in the best ways possible!