Lysol Touch of Foam

When I recieved the Lysol Touch of Foam sample from BzzAgent in the mail, I was more than elated.  I love trying out new soaps in my bathroom- I'm the type of person who can't buy the refills, I have to buy new ones to try out new scents and all of their claims.  The last kind I had bought was just a standard soap that didn't really do much in way of moisture or helping out sensitive skin.
I did two tests with my Lysol Touch of Foam soap.  First, I tried it out in my bathroom at home.  I let my kids use it and encouraged my guests.  I asked for opinions from everyone.  My kids favorite feature was how "foamy and fluffy" it was.  My guests all commented that they just loved the smell (Creamy Vanilla Orchid) and how it left their hands feeling moisturized.
I continued to use the soap in my home for another couple of weeks and didn't really notice a huge difference in the moisture in my hands, but then again I was only using it in the bathroom and not also in the kitchen when I did dishes. 
My biggest, truest test was bringing it into my place of employment.  I work in an ER in one of the largest hospitals in my state, a place where it isn't uncommon for handwashing to take place several times within a minute!  I placed the soap at a busy common sink with a note that the soap was there for anyone to use, however I asked that they would stop and give me their opinion on the soap after they had tried it a couple of times. 
I got lots of comments!  The men all thought it was a little foofy smelling for their tastes, but the women overall were pleased with the scent.  They all liked how the foam felt, how easily it spread and how it left them with a pleasant clean feeling.  The women were the major commenters, sharing that after using it a handful of times between patients, their hands felt softer, smoother and less dry and stretched from their normal handwashing routine. 
Overall, I had a great experience with the Lysol Touch of Foam soap.  I didn't have a single commenter who didn't like the soap outright, and the only real complaint was from the men in regards to the smell.  After having looked, there isn't really a manly scent available, so perhaps that could be an area of improvement for Lysol, but overall it was a great experience and we'll definitely be using this soap again in my house!!