Stop! You're paying too much for eyeglasses!

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In my household, I already have two people that wear glasses, and both of my kids will most likely be stuck with the glasses curse as well.  Buying glasses is definitely not cheap!  When trying to be a frugal family, I want to provide them all with the best, but still be able to have money left over!  

A friend of mine told me about two different websites that she uses to purchase her eyeglasses online and at first I have to say I was very leary.  Would they have the same quality?  Would they feel as sturdy?  I paid over $300 for my last pair of store bought glasses and just couldn't believe that I could get a pair of glasses, with lenses, for under $20.  She assured me that she had about 15 different pairs of glasses and they were all of excellent quality. 

She had recommended to me both and  I have since used both to purchase eyeglasses online.  I can honestly say, I will never go back to buying my glasses from a store!  With free shipping, the low costs, easy returns, a larger variety of styles and the fact I can order in my pajamas, there's no reason for me to go in a store at all.  Now I just keep up on my eye exams and I'm set!

Here are a few of my favorite styles that I either own or have on my wishlist:


(I have to admit that I love plastic frames.  There's no better way to go with kids in my house!)

I again can't stress enough how easy it is to buy your glasses online, and how much time and money that you will save!  I've gotten glasses as cheap as $12 a pair!  I also want to note that websites like this can also save you money on contact lenses, which can get very expensive depending on what kind you wear!

Do me a favor and at least go check it out!  


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