Guest Post: Add a Bit of Your Personality Artistically in Photographs

Today's Guest Post is something that means a lot to me personally as a photographer!

How to Add A Bit Of Your Personality Artistically In Photographs

There is a big difference between a photographer and an artist. The earlier is someone who takes photos with the help of a camera while later one adds a piece of his personality to picture that he creates. Therefore, you need to be both photographer and an artist simultaneously to create splendid pictures that are satisfying as well as memorable for you as well.
Following lines contain some tips that will allow you to make your photos more appealing artistically.

·         Remember that You are an Artist and it is Your Art:
Sometimes it happens that you think yourself as a camera technician not as an artist. You simply try to capture “what is already there” with no effort to add some creativity to your photographs. The excuses like you can’t do disrespect to subject matter are understandable but they are undeniably limiting your creative skills. Therefore, you need to learn that you are in fact an artist and can do anything with your pictures as you own them and it is your art.

·         Reveal Yourself to Photograph:
Never work in “camera operator” mode and never take photos for the sake of taking them. Know what are the ingredients that can reveal yourself to the photograph you are going to take and use them in your picture. If you cannot do so, your pictures will be devoid of emotions and will not be about you. In this regard, post processing techniques will also do a great favor to you by helping you to add yourself in the picture.

·         Learn to See and Observe:
Once you learn how to get hold of the camera and are well versed with technical skills, spent most of your time on observing the work of other artists including any piece of visual art you come across. Furthermore, study art history, get in contact with other artists and then try to instill your own style in your pictures. Similarly, you should also be well versed with latest techniques emerging in the field like custom canvas printing.

·         Never Imitate Others:
It is a good thing to get inspiration from others but it is a bad thing to imitate them. Inspiration means knowing the tools and techniques other artist has used to create the masterpiece and those that appeal you and then using those methods in your favor and applying them on your subject.

·         Be a Rule Breaker:
It is important for you to consider yourself as a “digital artist” holding a camera instead of a photographer who just takes correct pictures. Never mind the criticism of the other artists when you break the rule because if your creation is about you, the audience will take interest no matter how unconventional it is.

·         Always Carry Your Camera:
Finally, you need to keep your camera with you all the time and in this busy world, you can make full use of your phone camera as well. The phone camera will make you think less of technicalities and you will be picturing with “nothing to lose” approach allowing you to do more experiments with your subject.

Above mention are some of the techniques that will greatly improve the artistic quality of the photographs you take and come up with a sensational photograph.

Author’s Bio:Anthony Powell is an avid photographer who also writes on, arts and crafts and home décor. He works for photos to canvas online store operating in UK and dealing in unique artworks and home décor improvement accessories.