Guest Post: DIY Table Centerpieces

5 DIY Table Centerpieces
Spruce up your table and breathe life to your home by stretching your imagination a little bit further and taking advantage of your resources! If you are short in time, it’s still possible to add some wow on your table arrangements to add a profusion of color and life wherever your place it.

Dried Wheat Centerpiece
If you want something new and exciting, why not display dried stalks of wheat or rice, especially if you don’t have any fresh flowers around?
 I find this rustic centerpiece very whimsical and inspiring. For people who want to bring the beauty and blossom inside their living or dining room, then, this DIY centerpiece is an option! It’s very simple and easy to create and the materials are very abundant. Whenever I plan to throw a little spring party at home, the dried wheat centerpiece always comes to my mind. I’d usually gather several manzanita branches, then I would place them on a tall vase and there I have a nice and attractive centerpiece. I love the branches because they look gorgeous while the twists and curls all add up to the drama.

Balloons have really come a long way. They’re now among the most popular centerpiece items, especially for special occasions. I once tried black balloon when I held a summer get-together with high school friends at home and I was very happy that everyone liked what I did! Here’s the secret to how you do it. First, layer kraft paper on top of a neutral tablecloth then top it with black-and-white table runner. I tied the balloons with chandelier crystals so to keep them on the table. I also placed scented votive candles to enhance the ambiance and make it more relaxing. One magazine  told me that to make the balloons personalized, try to embellish each with photographs, especially if you’re celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or special holidays with friends and families.

Two-in-One DIY Centerpiece
What a nice centerpiece you’ll make if you try placing a peony on a small crystal or ceramic container. Get lots of them then group them together and you’ll see the nice effect. Aside from its decorative role, this centerpiece also functions as party giveaways. You can tell guests to take a vase home at the end of the evening, and you've got your favors covered, too. Add variety to the height by cutting the flowers into various lengths before placing them on the vase.

Yellow-and-White Wedding Centerpieces
Create bold yellow-and-white centerpieces by arranging jonquils, ranunculus, tulips, and sweet peas in single-variety containing. What I love about this centerpiece is that it boasts of rich variety of textures that will look pleasant to the eyes. Go for neutral themed vases, which are eye friendly, then, tie a yellow ribbon on each vase for added appeal.

Fresh Flower Centerpiece

Any vase will look wonderful and more exciting if you try enhancing its look with bands of scrap-booking paper and bell strings. Just wrap around the vase with a strip of scrap-booking paper. Accentuate the vase with strings the bells and buttons then tie it around the vase. Heighten the drama with boughs of fresh flowers. Make three to five of these, then place them at the center of your table and you’ll have a very attractive flower centerpiece to catch everyone’s eyesight. 

About the author – Manilyn Moreno is an event planner and caterer. As an event planner, she’s always on the go in thinking innovative ideas for special occasions and events. She also blogs and shares tips on how to optimize catering profit by using software for catering.