Guest Post: 5 Things You Can Do to Mesmerize Guests at your Wedding

Things You Can Do To Mesmerize Guests at Your Wedding

Getting married is always a special feeling and couples usually search for ideas that can make their wedding an exceptional event for the guests as well. However, when couples start wondering what they should do to amaze the guests, they often realize that whatever they are thinking has already been done by someone they know. Custom wedding cake? Nah! Seen that too many! Use exotic flowers for decoration? A close relative has done the same!

Then what can you do? How can you add the “wow” factor to your wedding? What will make your wedding memorable and the talking point for several years? Well, if you are out of ideas, this article will surely help you. Here are some of the things you can do to make the marriage ceremony and unique experience.

1. Use ice sculptures
Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? With the help of ice sculptures, you can add elegance and romance to the wedding reception party. A centerpiece on the dining table or a large sized interlocking heart at the center of the hall has the power to spellbind the audience. You can ask the decorator to use an ice luge for serving chilled drinks to the guests. Display cold food items on an ice sculpture, placed on a large buffet table, and let the visitors appreciate the quality of the foods and the beauty of the sculpture at the same time.

2. Have a chocolate spring
Search for a company that can create a chocolate fountain for you. Chocolate is probably the one food item which is loved by people belonging to all age groups. Make sure the spring offers plenty of different flavors to keep the guests entertained. From dark to milk and white, let them enjoy all types of chocolates, some of which they may have never tasted before. Put the fountain on the table and add some nice lighting effects to create the perfect atmosphere. Place a few bowls filled with dipping items such as fruits, wafer biscuits, etc. Make sure that a professional is always present near the chocolate spring to take care of guests.

3. Hire a photo booth
A photo booth lets the guest have fun and also capture some of the most unforgettable moments. Guests will love the idea of posing for a few funny snaps and taking home those pictures. You can offer some props as well so that people can use them to give themselves a unique look. A sombrero hat or a cigar can be excellent props for the images. The best thing about a photo booth is that it produces 2 pieces of the same photograph. One gets a place in your wedding album while the other is given to the person whom the photo belongs to. Make sure that the booth is large enough so that group photos can be taken.

4. Select an unusual venue
When a wedding is held in an unconventional place, its memories stay in the attendees’ hearts forever. Opt for an outside church wedding and select a venue that both you and your partner love. For example, if you as well as your lover are soccer fans, you can get married in a famous soccer stadium.

5. Live simulcasting can be fun
We love to see our faces on the big screen and you can manipulate this common trait of human nature by broadcasting your wedding live to the people present inside the wedding venue. Hire a cameraman and technician to arrange everything and make the wedding a personal, live film. When hundreds of guests come together in one place, they smile, shake hands and embrace each other.

These priceless moments can be broadcasted live on a big LED mounted inside the wedding hall. The shyness of the bride or the funny picture of someone eating hungrily can bring unlimited joy and laughter. Live simulcasting is mostly loved by those who don’t participate in dancing or are not of the chatty type. They can sit on a sofa and see whatever is happening around even in the farthest corner, thanks to the live video stream.

Wrapping up
These things can certainly make your wedding different from all others. Those who witness it will remember the occasion for years to come and refer your wedding as the “best” they have ever been to.

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