My Favorite Artists... and why

I have several artists that I admire and have learned quite a bit about, aspired to be like, and stared for hours at their works.  It is strange to think that I have a certain type of art that I like, and seeing where that line intersects the type of art that I create.  Today, I would like to share with you some of my favorite artists and also why they make my favorites list.

If anyone asked me to name my absolute favorite artist, there would be absolutely no hesitation- to me there’s no match for the work of Salvador Dali.  He is an abstract artist with a penchant for the crazy and you won’t find a single melting object better than his.  I think the reason that I like his work so well is that there are so many different interpretations that you can gain from his pieces.   One of my favorite pieces, “Phenomenon of the Face and the Vase with Fruit on the Beach”.  The reason I love this piece so much is because it leaves so many things for interpretation and there are also a million different scenes within the painting.

Phenomenon of the Face and the Vase with fruit on the Beach, Salvador Dali

Next up on my list would be David Hockney.  I find his images intriguing and the way he places them together unique.  It shows a fragmented reality, what things might look like through a splintered viewfinder.  My favorite piece by him is Merced Valley:

And lastly on my list of my top three favorite artists would have to be Mark Rothko.  The reason that I love his art is because he makes color key.  It is the color that tells the story in the image, and not so much the image itself. 

No. 8, Mark Rothko

It's interesting to think about why these artists are some of my favorites- and how they affect the work that I do personally as an artist.  I find myself drawn to abstract images, filled with bright color and contrast and nothing like their original subject.  I can see my work in bits of all of my favorite artists, and see how they resonate within the art that I create.