Pencils, Books... Dirty Looks?

   September marks many things- the end of the summer, the start of fall, harvests, and most of all, Back to School.  For those who are long out of school, you either pine for those "good 'ole days" or you are very glad to be rid of them.

This month on Atmospheric Noise, we're trying to explore school in a new manner.  We have scoured to find interesting facts that we didn't know (and we hope you're learning them for the first time too), we have found math, logic and riddle puzzles that have stumped even our smartest friends, and, as always, tried to also include a photographic experience that we hope will make you think.

Please, enjoy September's Edition of "Back-To-School" and we hope you all learn a little something new!

On behalf of it being a new month, please enjoy our free desktop wallpaper calendar for September!