Introduction into the Unexplained

This may seem like a strange topic for us to be covering this month- it may even seem downright wrong.  The fact of the matter is, it's all about perspective.  There are some people who claim to see specters every day.  There are also those who make their jobs hunting bigfoot and seeking other cryptozoological phenomenon.  In this month of October, where we are a little more willing to suspend our disbelief, as we dress ourselves and our children as some unbelievable people and creatures, we here at Atmospheric Noise are discussing just that- the Unexplained.

We've got some fun things in store for you this month, like where you can find haunted items to decorate your house with, in detail analysis of alien encounters and of course some funny selections that we just couldn't pass up.  No matter what your beliefs, try to see the other side this month, find something new and interesting and of course, find the beauty in everything!