Sasquatch- Elusive or Just Plain Fake?

I am not a Sasquatch expert.  Not in any way shape or form.  I just happen to find the sasquatch interesting.  I find it interesting because over the years, there have not just been one or two localized sightings of sasquatch, but literally thousands across the United States.  It is hard to believe that it is merely a trick of collective consciousness when there are just so many sightings.  It is also hard to believe that people make careers out of hunting bigfoot.

Then, you could also theorize that with so many sightings, we really should have better physical evidence of the creatures themselves.  We know that if they live across the US, they have to have multiple home territories, much like us.  This would also indicate that their population should be higher and there should at least be some evidence of their dead.  (Provided that they aren't also super intelligent and haven't been using our burial grounds as well, literally placing their bones right under our noses.  Or, alternatively, they could use or burn their bones)  Seriously, though, we should have better pictures than this...

or even this:

And while we have extremely talented people making awesome graphs, like the one below, no one seems to be able to appropriately compile and decipher the data.  The maker of this chart indicates that there should be more sightings the higher the population in the area- but I disagree.  If the sasquatch is as elusive as he has proven (and not just a mythological creature), they would be smart enough to stay away from the densely populated areas and keep to himself where there aren't many other humans.

No matter what you believe, I think you'll find the Sasquatch to be an interesting story to consider.  Could this be a primitive ape man that once or still existed?  If he does exist, I think he is most certainly smarter than we give him credit for, if only for being able to evade the rest of the human populace for so long!