WIP... Thursday?

As I watched people I admire post their WIP's yesterday, I sat here ashamed, thinking of how many projects I have in process right now.  There's things I'm working on for Christmas, there's other items I'm working on just because, and others that have hit the back burner for a long long time.  Here's my problem:

I get bored very easily.

Yep, bored.  If I can't finish a project in under 3 hours, chances are, I'm going to get bored at some time.  When I get bored (or even sometimes frustrated), I have to put it down.  But then there's another problem...

I can't sit still.

I can sit still, I just don't like it.  So, what do I do?  I either return to another project that bored me, or I move on.  This leads to a conglomeration of projects that are constantly in flux.  Now that you know this, always know the response I give to "What are you working on right now?" will always be literally what I have worked on last and not a lengthy reply of about a million projects that are sitting around my house.

Just for amusement, I sorted through my WIP boxes.  (yes, there is more than one)  Here is a run-down of projects currently in progress, starting with the oldest:

The Groovy-ghan.  I have the row of flowers and the row of circle squares done.  I was working on that row of stripes and my row kept changing sizes.  Badly.  So I gave up and tucked it away.  For some reason, still can't bring myself to finish it.  Maybe next year.

Bernat's Mystery Crochet Along Blanket from 2012.  I love the motifs.  Loved them so much, I made enough for two blankets.  (except for one of those squares.  I replaced it with my own because I thought it was ugly)  When the final layout was released, I went yikes.  I really hate this layout.  I think the clusters are ugly and I really don't like how the edges just hang out there.  Plans were made to design a piece that would fill in the gaps.  It was put away, and forgotten about.  A couple months later, I got an emergency request for a baby blanket for a friend who I've crafted for before.  I repurposed a few of the shapes and have never reworked them.  Will probably repurpose the remaining shapes into a blanket of my own design.  Eventually.

This was a fun personal project, though I have only made it about halfway up my waist.  I am working it in the round, though I have to say just knitting and knitting and knitting gets pretty boring after a while.

The Paris Sweater.  The construction is so easy that you could do it in your sleep.  You just do a simple stockinette stitch for oh, say, about 6 feet.   I'm about 2 feet in.  This sweater has been deemed my "too tired to concentrate on difficult patterns but not tired enough to fall asleep yet" or my "car sweater" where I don't want to worry about changing patterns.  Though the car is hard because they're on long needles, and I have a tendency to poke the driver a lot.   (tee-hee)

The Uptempo vest.  I made some modifications to this vest, and just wasn't able to correctly deal with the back modification.  I have a model body now (not quite a dress form, but it was given to me, so I can't complain), so will probably try to finish work on this sweater after Christmas crafting is done.

Scoodies for both my neice and nephew, though not exactly like this one.  I've made my own patterns for both of them, but haven't finished either yet.

*No picture yet*

There are several projects in progress that are of my own creation.  I don't want to share pictures of them yet as they are for Christmas presents, but they'll come soon.  :)

There is also the infamous scrap-ghan.  I work on it after the holidays, when I am putting away the last of the scraps from Christmas crafts and the like.  It's a nice diversion.  It will probably be done in about 20 years.

What is particularly sad is that there are probably projects that I have omitted from this list.  I should probably consider making it my new years resolution to bring this number down... but it's so tempting to make it go up!!!  :)

Do any of you need an extra day to think about your WIP's?  What is on your project lists right now?  Leave me a comment!