Crazy Awesome Sock Patterns to Try

I've been becoming a little bit of a knitter over the years, and while it still isn't my preferred method of yarn craft, I have to admit it holds it's own merits.  For example, I've made gloves, mittens and fingerless gloves in both knit and crochet and I like the lay of the knitted ones better.  They are thinner, but still warm, which allows for more ease in movement, they're stretchy too, which also lends well to this type of garment.  I still favor crochet for hats and afghans, but would never think of crocheting a sweater!  I think that would just be too bulky.  Another area that I think knitting takes the cake is socks.  I haven't yet knitted a pair of socks, but I have crocheted one, and I didn't like the way they felt at all!  I think a knitted sock would be much more comfortable!  This is why I have made it my goal this year to knit a pair (or two!) of socks just to give it a shot and see how I like it.  While I know these won't be the patterns I'm starting with, I am starting quite the stash of fun patterns to try out!

Winter Rose Socks
A Dance for Maus Jung
Mustached Cat Socks
Little Sock of Horrors
Emoticon Socks
A Flock for Your Feet
Knitted Christmas Pattern Socks
Tardis Socks

Oh how my little mind is racing with all the fun I could have with loads of sock yarn and lots more time than exists!  :)  Also, must find Tardis Blue Sock Yarn, know where to find any?

Do you have any crazy awesome socks to share?  Leave a comment!