10 Months to Christmas!!! March Goals!

I wish I was better about being "on the ball" about posting on this topic, but somehow life keeps getting away from me!!  This month, you should be having some good ideas about the things that you want to be making for people- my list hasn't changed much from last month:

Must Craft For:
Queen Bee  -   Shawl like black and white one/ oval doily/ bath stuff/ {blanket 2012}
Striker – single serving treats/pies in jars/something food? {blanket 2013}
Lily – tiny animals, totoro set, a bed sized blanket
Lucy – animals, aquabats anything, TMBG dolls, bed sized blanket
MIL - {blanket 2012}
SIL - {blanket 2013}
Linney – (something knit)
Hubs -  Extra big & long blanket

Would like to craft for:
Aud - (something knit)
Kynz - fingerless mitts
Efan -  Creeper hat
Humph - cardi?
Shep - hat?
V -  horse something?
FIL – Green Bay Packers Blanket
STLM - {blanket 2013}

Now we're on to finalizing and starting work on things.

Here are some of the patterns that I have honed in on as things that I want to make for people, in no particular order:

Gail (Nightsongs)
Or this one:

Ashton Shawlette

A selection of flower motifs that might eventually make blankets for my girls beds:
Simple 10 Petal Afghan Square
Sunflower Motif
This awesome horse (but not for mittens!)

Meaghan's Mittens
Then I think I have someone in mind for a hybrid of these two Catching Fire Cowl patterns:

the Huntress Cowl

District 12 Cowl Wrap

So on to your goals for this month.... they're pretty easy still...

1:  Start working on one thing.  If this is a large blanket or simply a new pattern, it's better to get started on it now, rather than later when you might run out of time.

2: Continue to gather gift ideas and inspiration, pin yourself down to patterns or crafts and try to have at least half of your list finalized for April.

3: Create a "secret place" (mine is a box up on the top shelf of my closet) to store your finished gifts once they're done.