New Year's Day and I Find Myself Unfocused...

Here I sit, at the end of the first day of 2015.  
I've had this post open and blank all day, as I knew I wanted to write something.

But I find myself unfocused. 

I have lots of goals and ambitions and dreams and desires for 2015, but when I look at them all, they seem too big.  It seems unmanageable.  

Lets face it though, most dreams seem unmanageable, since that's what they are... dreams.

We all know (or have been told) that dreams can come true.  

I sure hope so.  


For my own posterity's sake, I'm writing my New Years "Goals" here, so I can, as I always do, pop back and remember them, work on them and maybe come one step closer to achieving them.

Run.... or maybe Walk... or merely survive a 5k.
Bike at least 500 miles.
Work through all my yarn WIP's.
Create one new item for sale each day.
Organize my garage, storage closet, and all my yarn/craft items.
Live life to the fullest with my children and family.
Organize my computer contents!

Here's to all the dreams you may have for this wonderful 2015!!!