It Is What It Is Pillow {Knit/Crochet Chart}

This is really such a fun piece.  I actually worked it up on my knitting machine, and then filled it with a prestuffed pillow.  (I didn't want to mess with stuffing it myself)

Use the chart below to work up your piece.  If you are knitting, you'll knit one stitch for every grid on the graph.  If you're crocheting, it gets a little weird.  I find that 1:1 works well enough for single crochet (sc) but that you can also use double crochet with 2 stitches for each square.

You can work the same on the front and back or you can work up a solid piece for the back (which is what I did).  If you're going to do a solid back, just work the same amount of stitches and rows from the graph and it will work up to be the same size.  You could also sew on a piece of fabric if you don't want to work a piece for the back.

You can find the chart for the pattern here, and it comes with an additional 9 quirky sayings graphs for you to use!:  It is what it is Pillow Pattern

If you like this one, I have a whole new line that I'm going to be putting up in my shop very soon!!!

Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section below!