Hello and update!

Goodness!  How time flies!  

I realize it has been a while since I've posted anything new, but as anything in life goes, sometimes you have time and energy for it, and sometimes you don't.  Between my two children, work and girl scouts, I'm finding that I need to create new times to... well... create!  Now this doesn't mean that I haven't been working hard on lots of different things, or that I don't have lots of patterns/crafts/etc that I just haven't had time to share with all of you!  

First off in the big news category is over the summer I shut down my photography business.  I did this as I am preparing to take on a new position at my "big girl" job and just don't see that I'll have the time to do it.  I would like to use that weekend time working on my personal photography, which is something I'm still really interested in.  I figure I'll just have to see where that road takes me.  I'm sure it will be somewhere new and exciting, and will happen just when it is supposed to.

Second, as I mentioned before, I've accepted a promotion into a full time career for my current employer.  This means I'll have 20 hours less a week to work on all of my many side projects, and once again, it just means evaluating their place in my life and how much time I can devote to them.  

I am aware that I had some glitches with this website last month, causing it to be down for about a week or so, but that should be fixed now.  My etsy shop will also be full of patterns and more again soon, as I have some new stuff to add and some of the old stuff has been filtered out.  

I am scheduling posts as you read this, and hopefully you'll have some new fun things to read/craft/crochet and more in the coming weeks!