New Listings in the Shop!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I'm popping in today to tell you all about five new patterns that have been added to my shop!

I've added the following graph patterns:

Game of Thrones Inspired pattern for crochet, knit and cross stitch:

"After all this time...  Always" graph pattern for crochet, knit or cross stitch:

"Remember to Turn on the Light" graph pattern for crochet, knit or cross stitch:

A two pack of Om and Namaste graph patterns for crochet, knit or cross stitch:

and last but not least, "Home Sweet Home" graph pattern for crochet, knit or cross stitch:

Go check them out!!!  I've got more coming in September, including card packs, gift tags and wall art printables!!

A blink.... and where did the time go?

Hey everyone!

So is anyone out there like me, and sets goals and makes plans and blinks... and all the time is gone?
I have been feeling like lately there is not enough time or energy in the day to get it all done.  Between my kids and family, work, my business, my blog, dance class, gymnastics, band and cleaning, I just don't have time like I used to.  Working on projects for the blog and my shop seem to take forever.  I used to be able to have new designs ready to post within a week of conception, complete crochet projects in a day and still get to make dinner for the kids.  Now, I'm just happy if I can cook something that doesn't come out of a box! 

I've been trying different things - bullet journals, the Getting Things Done principle, pomodoro timers, planners and more... but I just can't seem to get a handle on everything the way I did when I didn't have a desk job that lasted 40+ hours a week.  I just started a new bullet journal/planner/getting things done combo in a disk bound format (and yes, I mushed together all my previous attempts), which I have high hopes for.  I even put in project pages so  I could track the work that I still needed to do in order to get some work done for my business and in my personal life!

I started working on a couple of new series for the shop about 6 months ago.  Some of them are getting close to completion, and I am hoping that I will be able to post FIVE new listings by the end of this month!  This months new listings will be some graph patterns that I have lovingly created for your crafting desires.  They work for knitting, crocheting or cross stitching and are of varying difficulties.  Next month will bring you some super fun printables for the holidays, including cards, gift tags and art.  Who knows... I might even have a few new graph patterns for the holidays!

I will post again when the next listings go live in the shop!  Until then, leave me a note and let me know what you do to help manage your time and busy schedules!!!

How time flies when you're living life....

Hello everyone!
I realize that it's been a while since I've put anything new up on the blog.  To be honest, I haven't had much new to put on here anyway.  I completed a few crochet projects this past year, and worked a little bit on a few new ones, but have not done near as much as I have in years past.  It's not that I don't still enjoy it, it's just that I have less time to crochet and work on this blog as I have before.  Working a full time job will do that to you, I guess, but I know what I'm doing is good for the family.

The hard part is figuring out where I can fit in what's right for me.  I guess that's always a challenge as a parent- fitting yourself into the equation somewhere.  You know you deserve it, that small bit of time captured for yourself, but where do you find the time between the constant juggle of work, dance class, band, homework, dinner, laundry, and then somehow finding time for a shower?  It's a balance that I'm still working on, but trying to get better at.  I've started trying to get back into shape, which seems to get harder every time I fall off the bandwagon (what better reason to not fall off again?).

I've got some content that I was working on when I lost track of time, which I'll be sharing with you in the weeks to come, mixed in with some new stuff- maybe just ramblings, but time will tell.  My husband is also working on a project, so I'll make sure to share updates when his stuff goes live!  In the meantime, enjoy this: