How time flies when you're living life....

Hello everyone!
I realize that it's been a while since I've put anything new up on the blog.  To be honest, I haven't had much new to put on here anyway.  I completed a few crochet projects this past year, and worked a little bit on a few new ones, but have not done near as much as I have in years past.  It's not that I don't still enjoy it, it's just that I have less time to crochet and work on this blog as I have before.  Working a full time job will do that to you, I guess, but I know what I'm doing is good for the family.

The hard part is figuring out where I can fit in what's right for me.  I guess that's always a challenge as a parent- fitting yourself into the equation somewhere.  You know you deserve it, that small bit of time captured for yourself, but where do you find the time between the constant juggle of work, dance class, band, homework, dinner, laundry, and then somehow finding time for a shower?  It's a balance that I'm still working on, but trying to get better at.  I've started trying to get back into shape, which seems to get harder every time I fall off the bandwagon (what better reason to not fall off again?).

I've got some content that I was working on when I lost track of time, which I'll be sharing with you in the weeks to come, mixed in with some new stuff- maybe just ramblings, but time will tell.  My husband is also working on a project, so I'll make sure to share updates when his stuff goes live!  In the meantime, enjoy this: