My Pattern Experience: Roll Up Armadillo Crochet Pattern

Hello all!  
Welcome to another edition of My Pattern Experience - where I write about a pattern that someone else designed and I tried it out.  I always try to be completely honest about the pattern and how it worked up.  

This week, I'm writing about a totally adorable amigurumi.  My daughter has always been obsessed with small animals.  Especially of the stuffie variety.  I decided to make her this little armadillo because I thought she would love the way it rolled up.

The pattern is Roll Up Armadillo by Kati Galusz

To make this adorable little guy, I used Red Heart Super Soft in wine as well as Red Heart Super Soft in Cream.  Let me start by saying that I am not an expert in amigurumi.  I have made a few pieces, but nothing too crazy - and this guy was surprisingly easy!  The body works up very quickly, and the shell even quicker.  I think the only part that gave me a little difficulty was the feet, but even that wasn't too hard.  I sewed on the eyes using embroidery thread to give it a little bit of texture and a nice blue pop.  The most magical part of this pattern is after you get it all completed and can roll it up!  It's amazing that the simple shell can do that!


Overall, this was a great pattern.  I think it would be great for an advanced beginner or intermediate crocheter to give a try!