Nature never ceases to amaze me.... Especially in the ways it can feed us and heal us, if we know what we're looking for.  These are golden oyster mushrooms and they are delicious!  
In the past few years, I've been doing a lot of studying on foraging - for food, for medicines, and just for study.  It was during this research I came across these mushrooms and knew that I had seen them on one of my many forays into the woods.  Next time I went out, I found them everywhere!  I brought some home and tried cooking them in every method possible. I have had them pan fried in butter, deep fried in batter, cooked into beef stroganoff, cream of mushroom soup and dehydrated a bunch of them to last me through winter.  
Remember, if you go foraging, know what you're looking for, don't take anything that is questionable, and always harvest sustainably!

Resources on Foraging: