Reinbeers {Craft Tutorial}

One year, I wanted to make all of our friends something that was handmade, but useful.  I was able to crochet washcloths and all sorts of cool things for the ladies, but I was stumped about what to do for the men.  Then it occurred to me - men generally like beer!  I went out to the local liquor store and took a look around for some holiday themed beer, and when I saw these bottles, I knew just what I needed to do with them!!!!  


This is a super simple craft, and it could be done using any non-alcoholic beverage that comes in a brown bottle as well (I'm thinking Root Beer!)

Materials needed:
Brown Pipe Cleaners
Red puff balls
Googly Eyes
Beer or Beverage of your choice
Hot Glue gun and glue sticks

Using hot glue, stick on the eyes and nose.

For the antlers, I took one pipe cleaner and folded it in half, then at the halfway point, looped it around the top of the bottle and twisted the ends tight.  Then I put one on either side of the "head" and attached smaller pieces of pipe cleaners to the top to make them look more like antlers.

That's it!!!  Such an easy and last minute craft that you can do that will please anyone!!!